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I Love my thermal imaging camera!

As a Building Biologist I have a lot of tools in my tool box. One of my favourites is my thermal camera as it can speed up moisture mapping and can detect differences in temperature that can sometimes be due to moisture ingress due to the cooler surface temperature of damp surfaces as the result of evaporation. Not all damp surfaces will show up on thermal imaging, and not all cool surfaces are damp! You can have thermal differences due to airflow and to the different insulation properties of building materials. Where there is missing insulation in a ceiling you can easily pick it up on the thermal camera. I always confirm with my moisture meter to ensure moisture is the reason for the temperature change.

So easy to detect a leak in this ceiling with thermal imaging. Ouside there was a pile of leaves on the rf and water was flowing back from the gutter into the ceiling cavity.

Here a leak under the carpet was detected by the thermal camera.

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