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Our living and work environments

can impact our health

Healthy Home / Workplace Assessment:

Assesses the impact of mould and moisture, the electrical environment, indoor allergens as well as chemical exposure and drinking water.  There is a huge overlap in symptoms when looking at diseases and environmental triggers.  Unless you look at all potential exposures you could miss out on vital information.

Mould & Moisture Detection:

Assesses the built environment for mould and moisture as well as condensation and ventilation issues that can create the ideal environment for mould and the ‘chemical stew’ that is implicated in adverse health effects due to exposure to a building with moisture damage.

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Lease:


Avoid expensive repairs due to hidden moisture, assess the impact of external sources of electromagnetic fields and ultimately gain peace of mind that your future home will support the health of you and your family.

Electromagnetic Field Audit:

Often overlooked when people are suffering long term fatigue, persistent flu-like symptoms, headaches, insomnia and learning and behavioural disorders.

Indoor Air Quality Testing:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from building materials, finishes, furnishings and stored chemicals.


  • Heavy metals in drinking water

  • Lead in paint, dust and soil

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