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Jeanette was recommended to me by a friend. I reached out to her after discovering mould in my subfloor. Jeanette was extremely kind and understanding of the situation and spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with me. Jeanette then came out within a few days of my call to do a full inspection. Jeanette spent a lot of time thoroughly going over the property inspecting for mould and EMF’s. I then received a very detailed report from Jeanette with a step by step plan of suggestions on how to remediate the property and a list of contacts and suppliers to assist with this.  After receiving the report I contacted Jeanette for some further advice and she spend more time on the phone with me. Jeanette has helped to give me peace of mind and has reduced the work I would have had to do.


I am so grateful for the help that Jeanette provided me. When you’re dealing with issues like mould in

your home it can be very overwhelming and it was really helpful to have someone who understood the complexities and who was also so supportive during the process. I have recommended Jeanette to two other friends and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.


September 2018




I contacted Jeanette Williams to do an assessment on my home after a mobile phone base station was installed within 90m of our front door. The assessment included a mould and moisture assessment as well.

As suspected the levels of EMR were very high, particularly in the front bedrooms due to the base station. Jeanette also assessed the levels of EMR inside the home. It was discovered that there was an electrical current running directly under my sons’ bedroom relating to the copper pipes having a charge. Jeanette also looked at other sources of EMR and made recommendations relating to the WiFi, printer, and cordless phone.


The mould and moisture assessment was also surprising. With higher than normal levels of moisture detected in the front bedroom walls as well as some visible mould on beds.


Jeanette provided practical advice and options in how to manage all theses issues. We had the issue relating to my sons bedroom rectified but the other issues were solved by selling our home as ultimately we weren’t comfortable with living in such close proximity to the mobile base station. Jeanette’s assessment gave us information and clarity to help us make the big decision to move.


Prior to purchasing our new home Jeanette did a pre-purchase inspection. No issues with EMR detected this time however moisture and potential mould were an issue. Jeanette put us in contact with the right people to sort these problems out.


I found Jeanette to be fantastic at giving practical advice and options. She is friendly and approachable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jeanette for any building biology needs. The experience has certainly been an eye opener and definitely with pursuing for the health of our family.


Home owner – Southerland Shire

September 2018



I was referred to Jeanette by a medical practice which specialises in mould treatment. From my first communications with Jeanette, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that her primary focus was to help ME, rather than to secure any financial gain. She most generously shared her knowledge and information, allowing me to make the decisions I needed to based on my situation and finances. As a nutritionist, I saw that many of our values aligned, in that she would recommend similar low tox resources including bedding, paints, floor finishes, detergents amongst other things. As a natural soap maker, I also very much agree with her recommendations of other natural products and resources.

However, it was clear Jeanette has a lot more knowledge concerning everything from mould remediation services, devices to maintain our levels of melotonin, wireless sensitivity and a range of other dangers pertinent to the home. I would feel most confident in using Jeanette's services to help me ensure I have a 'healthy home' for myself and my family, and I will also happily refer her services to any clients in need. Thanks Jeanette!

Sue Walters

September 2018




As a Nutritionist and health care professional it has been a pleasure working with Jeanette.

After a recent diagnosis of CIRS, I enlisted Jeanette to evaluate my home and assess the environment for biotoxins, allergens, electromagnetic fields which all may provide the missing link to optimal health.

I can whole heartedly say that the high quality of service, knowledge and genuine care from Jeanette is unsurpassed.

This in addition to the useful resources including a very detailed report with recommendations, practical tips and resources has empowered me to take action to create a safe toxic free environment for my family.

I have and will continue to recommend Jeanette to all my clients, friends and family.

Rachel Doherty

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